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        Contact: Manager Gao
        Mobile phone: 13854263499 
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        Address: No. 1188, Lanzhou West Road, Jiaozhou City (Jinjiao Steel Market) D12-1, Qingdao


        PE, PA, PP, PVC single-wall corrugated pipe

        Corrugated pipe forming machine for the closed structure, and provide vacuum forming. Forming an integral module in the closed molding tunnel from the movement. Forming the tunnel for the sandwich design, uniform cooling water forced through the cooling module. Molding of carbide steel, corrosion resistant. No connection to each other forming module, so shortening the time to replace the specification. Available in single wall, double wall flexible pipe extrusion die, and die coating.

         The main technical parameters

        Production line pipe specifications




        40 70 90 

        40 70 90 

        Supporting host



        Maximum production rate



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      Contact: Manager Gao   Mobile phone: 13854263499   Tel.: 0532-85201717  Fax: 0532-85213858
      Address: No. 1188, Lanzhou West Road, Jiaozhou City (Jinjiao Steel Market) D12-1, Qingdao