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        HDPE silicone-core production line

        Product Name: HDPE silicon core pipe production line

        Product description:

        HDPE silicone-core production lineHDPE silicone-core production line

        HDPE silicon core pipe production line

        Description: This production line is mainly used to produce polyethylene and silica synthesis mixture extrusion wall with a permanent solid lubricant (ie, silicon core) composite fiber optic cable casing. The whole reasonable, convenient operation, high degree of automation for high-speed production. Silicon core pipe with polyethylene pipe is high strength, high toughness, corrosion resistance, long life better physical and mechanical properties, also has a small coefficient of friction, wear a rope fast, one-time wear long cable, construction and low cost. And out with colorful signs, ease of construction and line testing, is the second flat wall PVC pipe, double wall corrugated pipe, porous tube after a new optical cable jacket pipe. Now works in communications lines, highways, railway construction is widely used for underground communication cable jacket preferred light pipe.


        The main technical parameters:

        Machine Model




        ф90/28 ф45/28 ф30/25

        Diameter range



        Capacity (about)



        Dimensions (approx.)



        Weight (about)



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