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      Contact Us

        Tel: 0532-85201717
        Fax: 0532-85213858
        Contact: Manager Gao
        Mobile phone: 13854263499 
        QQ: 1347296780
        Postal code: 266300
        Email: sales@jinsujx.com
        Website: www.refrigeratorsociety.com
        Address: No. 1188, Lanzhou West Road, Jiaozhou City (Jinjiao Steel Market) D12-1, Qingdao




            Qingdao Jinsu Mechanical Co., Ltd., located at beautiful bank of Jiaozhou bay, is a modernized plastic machine enterprise, setting scientific research, development, production, sales and service in one. To provide high-performance, high-technology and epoch-making plastic machines for you, by following “client significant, quality first” tenet all along and scrupulously abiding by quality promise to clients, the company pays much attention to talent cultivating and absorbing and cooperates with scientific research institutes, colleges and universities to convert into latest scientific research achievement rapidly.
             Main products of the company include 20 series of 100 kinds of products, such as pipe materials, sheet materials, section materials, granulating and crushing machine units etc. Depending on abundant technical power, advanced production equipments, scientific management, the company produces leading products in its industry continually; in recent years, products of the company are spread over our whole country, and exported to Russia, Indonesia, Kazakstan, India, Turkey etc.; with excellent quality and perfect service, our products achieved honor recognition from our clients popularly.

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      Contact: Manager Gao   Mobile phone: 13854263499   Tel.: 0532-85201717  Fax: 0532-85213858
      Address: No. 1188, Lanzhou West Road, Jiaozhou City (Jinjiao Steel Market) D12-1, Qingdao